Founder of Apex Business Success & Creator Of The Business Consistency Blueprint

John McKennaJohn McKenna is a “Client Attraction” Expert. He has a natural gift for helping business owners and service professionals incorporate time-tested, proven systems, strategies and tools to get more clients (consistently) and grow their business.

He has a passion for working with service professionals and in particular those starting out in business or those who are relatively new and are still trying to figure it all out!

He is the owner/chief contributor of several online business magazines and network alliances including Locallyy Preferred Experts, Triangle Preferred and Today’s Real Estate Agent – an ezine and hugely popular online training site for Realtors. (A licensed Realtor (and Top Producer) himself for 12 yrs)

For 20 years now, he has helped companies (from large corporations to small local businesses to independent contractors) come from the depths of debt to become thriving profitable businesses.

Mc Kenna is a successful business consultant, coach and trainer and the founder of Apex Business Success Рwhich specializes in helping small businesses & service professionals implement the Business Consistency System into their business.

To his clients, John provides a diverse background gained from over 20 years of corporate management, real estate sales, internet marketing, sales training and consulting.

His no B.S. approach and easy-to-follow Business Consistency Blueprint will have you doing smarter marketing so you simplify your lead generation efforts and make the most of your time, energy, and money.

And the best part? No more cold calling, no more pressure, no more slimy selling…and no more internet marketing BS that doesn’t work.

McKenna is shrewd (and outspoken) about what small business owners should be spending time and their marketing dollars on in today’s world.

John has earned a number of degrees in Economics, Psychology and Labor Studies as well as a Postgraduate Degree In Public Administration and his MBA in Business & Law. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars and webinars.


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